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Top-Matic Magnetic Maxi Power Clip

Top-Matic Magnetic Maxi Power Clip


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The Top-Matic Magnetic Maxi Power clip is a set of extra strength magnets which can be attached on almost any type of clothes, eg. jackets, Thick sweatshirts, etc. The set contains two magnets, one magnet extension to be placed on the inner side of clothes and the second magnet to be placed on the outside of the clothes, preferably inside a pocket.

  • Top-Matic magnetic maxi power clip
  • Extra strength magnet covered in rubber
  • For use with all Top-Matic balls

Top-Matic magnetic training system recommended and used by the world's most renowned dog trainers and sporting dog enthusiasts.

Top-Matic Magnetic training system for dogs helps to create and maintain motivation in the dog as well as reward the dog without the physical movement of the handler. The Top-Matic Multi or Maxi Power clips can be placed on any clothing (no need for special training clothes) and be placed anywhere on the clothing, as needed. You can also use multiple clips in different places.

Top-Matic provides you the best results and the "work" is no work anymore for you and your dog both. Top Matic is very versatile. You can use it for dog sport or during daily walks .

The reward for the dog is through self - motivation with reward by command or to release the ball by hand. It is the perfect reward without the help of a handler. You can repeat this system a thousand times .

Disclaimer: It is highly recommended to place the outside clip within a pocket to ensure the dog does not ingest the magnet. Make sure there is no way for the dog to remove the magnet when grabbing the ball.

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