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Gunner Kennels

Gunner Kennels G1 Performance Pad

Gunner Kennels G1 Performance Pad


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Gunner Kennels G1 Performance Pad


This Gunner Kennels tough-skin insert provides a 3/4” pad of cushion for the crate, as well as waterproof comfort for the sporting dog’s tired joints on the ride home. 

A working dog needs a resting spot after a hard day's work. The Gunner Kennels Performance Pad is a waterproof, odor-resistant crate mat that provides better relaxation on the ride home.

• Odor Resistant
• Water Proof 
• Shock Absorbent
• Tailor Fit

*Observe your dog's behavior with the item for suitability, as some items may be inappropriate for your pet. Replace the item if it becomes damaged.

*May not be suitable for chewers and teething puppies

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